Product Designer

Spearheading initiatives and strategy, owning products, helping to shape design teams and processes as well as an advocate for design thinking. With over fifteen years of experience I help plan, design, and develop human centered experiences. 

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Case Studies

Keeping athletes hydrated on and off the field

How can we keep athletes hydrated while shipping more orders, removing complexities, increasing operating efficiency and opening up revenue streams for Gatorade?

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Helping patients get the medicine they need

How can we help sales representatives more effectively close cases, help physicians write scripts and provide patients with the medicine they require?

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Reinventing the comparator sourcing industry

How can we make it easier to develop supply strategies, forecast risk, gain real-time market intelligence and procure comparator drugs for clinical trials?

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Accessing insight from real-world evidence

How can we provide users with access to European real-world evidence and expand a company’s product portfolio?

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