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Dane Wesolko is an enthusiastic and ambitious designer with fifteen years of experience. He has spearheaded initiatives and strategies while advocating for design thinking to plan, design, and develop delightful human-centered experiences. 

He is a lifelong learner who is driven to push boundaries, consistently produce results, and firmly believes in the importance of a good coffee. 

Through his experiences, he has had a full range of roles and responsibilities spanning several disciplines giving him a clear understanding and holistic approach. As someone who sees the bigger picture, he knows his decisions impact the business and its customers. 

Firmly believing in learning often and moving fast, his lean approach and entrepreneurial mindset have consistently delivered unique, innovative solutions. These solutions have garnered him recognition and nominations by his peers and an award. As an active community member, his writings on user experience have been featured in online publications.

The passion and desire for constant growth have spilled into his projects. Where he not only obtained the necessary skills but built and sold an online business netting profit and enriching spirit through confirmation.

Dane likes to spend his free time reading, meditating, running, working out, learning financial markets, losing to strangers at online chess, and hanging out with friends. He also enjoys fast cars, long rides up and down the South Florida coast listening to music, and traveling. Dane also trains Krav Maga.

Dane obtained a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute, where he was nominated for best portfolio. Dane has furthered his education through various courses, certifications, books, and educational content.