Professionally, I’m a Lead Product Designer spearheading initiatives and strategy, owning products, helping to shape design teams and their processes as well as an advocate for design thinking. With over fifteen years of experience in the design industry I help plan, design and develop delightful human centered experiences. 

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Personally, I’m a life-long learner, athlete, artist, coffee addict, entrepreneur, nerd and writer. As someone who is constantly seeking personal growth and betterment I’ve embarked on a quest to create, share and inspire others. My origins aren’t entirely unique but they’re uniquely my own.

Growing up I had a severe case of exercise induced asthma plus gastro-intestinal issues requiring many trips to specialists and lots of nights in hospitals. My bronchial tubes were constantly constricted, overproducing mucus and filling the bottom half of my lungs causing them to collapse.

Consequently I was enrolled in traditional art classes since sports wasn’t an option working in mediums like drawing, sculpting, pastels and more. Sparking a deep-rooted involvement with art and design as I continued to enrich my life with creativity.

As time went I learned that the word create could apply to many other contexts outside of art. I saw how it was possible to take ideas and turn them into businesses. Starting me on the path I am on today.

Hell bent, mind fixed and bullish in every attempt until finally landing on small success. Enduring the pangs of failure I got confirmation when I sold an online business I built back in 2012.

The sale made me realize that the entire time I thought I was failing I was actually making ground. With all the knowledge I absorbed I knew I could not only replicate success but also share what I’ve learned. 

Fast forward to today. I’m still on that quest to create, share and inspire through my work as a product designer, my personal website and the projects I am currently involved in regarding NFTs.