If you know me, you love me. If you don’t, HELLO! 👋

Who am I? Just a sarcastic designer spreading love and info about things through satirical expressions. Follow along as I chat on the internet and share value. Pay attention for easter eggs. ⬇️

Professionally, I’m a Lead Product Designer spearheading initiatives and strategy, owning products, helping to shape design teams and their processes as well as an advocate for design thinking. With over fifteen years of experience in the design industry I help plan, design and develop delightful human centered experiences. 

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When your biological father throws you down a flight of stairs as a baby because you’re crying, that doesn’t set a great tone for the beginning of life. Born July 17th, 1986, in Mineola, New York, to a neurotic but loving mother and a quintessential polish drunkard, critical ingredients for breeding a thoroughbred, I was thrust forth into an unpleasant tailspin. Years 0-6 were filled with all sorts of goodies, finally leaving me in a broken home.

Childhood kept propelling me towards greatness. Raised in sunny South Florida, I was diagnosed with acute asthmatic bronchitis and gastrointestinal issues. I spent most of those sunny days in hospitals, medical facilities, and treatment centers. Shit, I’d been poked by a needle before my balls dropped more times than a junkie on skid row.

As time went on, like most American youths, I partook in my fair share of binge drinking, countless experiments with drugs, and even a few run-ins with the law. Knowing that I was pretty much a fuck up and not making anyone proud, I managed to somehow not kill myself or get killed along the way. I ended up being the first in my immediate family to graduate college and have a career as a graphic designer. Realizing that I probably got the wrong degree, I tried to create my own business many times. I failed. A lot.

I did ultimately turn my life around after absorbing shitloads of knowledge, setting goals, and focusing on advancing in my career as well as improving who I am. However, It wasn’t until the advent of COVID-19 and the aftermath of a bad break-up that I went into complete darkness and despair. At that moment, I decided to rip myself open and figure out what was going on.

All of this introspection led me to realize that over the last 20 years or so, I have been consuming every bit of content possible that will help teach me how to become the man I wish to become. Realizing this and figuring out that a lot of the feelings I’ve had are not unique to me, I learned that my experiences, fears, failures, worries, and whatever else were all a blessing. A blessing that shaped me to become who I am.

More importantly, I realized that if I open myself up to the world and make myself vulnerable despite my deepest and darkest fears of judgment and ridicule, I may actually be able to positively affect the life of just one person. And if I do only that, then I have succeeded far beyond my wildest dreams.

Because at the end of the day, I personally believe people are inherently good when given a chance. And while I can’t alone fight the fight for equality, I can make it known that there is equal opportunity for everyone.

In short, I’m a fucked up guy who’s got a lot of scars inside and out. I’m no different from you in that I breathe the same air and bleed red blood when cut. I’ve pushed through years of internal pain and agony in the hopes of one day achieving my dreams and have seen moderate success along the way. I’m optimistic and pessimistic all at the same time. A lover, hopeless romantic, a driven and ambitious human who, in reality, just wants people to smile.

Fast forward to today. I’m still on that quest to create, share and inspire through my work as a product designer, my personal website and the projects I am currently involved in regarding NFTs.