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Warskullz NFT Collection

An NFT collection project that drove me nuts. I learned a lot, though.

Are you an NFT collector that likes finding new art? Then you’ve found the right site. However, you probably found this page thinking you’re going to snag something early. 

Warskullz V1 is a deprecated collection. 

Originally going to be 666 unique variations, it ended up being 114. Here’s why.

Warskullz NFT collection combines creative thinking and inventive processes.
Warskullz utilizes layers in Photoshop to create depth and dimension.

Setting forth to plan my first ever complete collection and drop, I began creating this NFT collection Warskullz. I  intended to create a generative art series that would release on Halloween and be part of a giveaway for SPOOKTOBER.

Generative art is an artform blending man and machine. Through self-governed autonomous systems and leveraging the power of computing technology, artists can unlock the doors of creativity, lowering the time between intention and realization.

Unfortunately, there were several setbacks in the creation, and I never finished the NFT collection on time or in its entirety. Issues due to lack of specific knowledge and with OpenSea forced me to regroup and redirect my efforts. 

Consequently, Warksullz_Reboot was born. Check out the article.

There are only 114 Warskullz in existence. Warskullz used one single image to create them all. Sketched by hand, designed and produced in Photoshop, output, and built with open-source JavaScript compilers. Each variation was minted one by one.

This NFT collection is a unique project in that: 

  • There will only ever be a max supply of 114.
  • I will never make another Warskullz in the future.
  • I am an upcoming NFT artist with a career in design.
  • It’s a true exploration of the entire process by one person.
  • It’s only the beginning of what’s possible.


  • The project is complete, no further development is planned.

Minting/Primary Market

  • If you’re reading this, chances are you should check your hidden tab on OpenSea.
  • All Warskullz will be gifted and are not available for sale by me.


Portions of the proceeds from this NFT collection or any others will build upon a larger vision of a social DAO. The DAO will focus on prisoner recidivism, mental health, behavioral health, addiction recovery, healthcare, hunger, education, and any opportunity that fits my vision to unlock the power and potential in humanity. 

View Warskullz NFT collection on OpenSea.