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VQGAN_CLIP-1000, Generative Art NFT Collection

Grown from a single seed phrase. Bred with irregular nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, comes VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT Collection. A limited-edition generative art series.

Created using generative adversarial networks to turn text into images. Using a single phrase, run 1000 times, keeping every 1000th output. Each iteration involved genetic mutation of the seed by injecting or replacing specific nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

an abstract landscape in the nft collection VQGAN_CLIP-1000
First output to set the algorithms and create the neural networks.

From a single seed, we can grow an entire forest. 

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 is a generative art series created using generative adversarial networks turning text into images. The collection was created using a single seed phrase and a seed image. 

Seed phrase:

In the distance, dark clouds covered the background as luminescent glows crept into the foreground.

Seed image:

A seed image was used to create a consistent backdrop. Here you can see it is textured like canvas.

Setting things up, artificial intelligence, generative adversarial networks, machine learning, and the watchful eye of artist and designer Dane Wesolko worked together. Harvesting batches of entirely unique, one-of-one works of art that cannot be recreated. Try.

Every time the machine was run to output an image, the input was slightly modified in specific contexts creating whimsical abstractions. 

Setting the device to only show every 1000th output constrained the uniqueness and rarity of this collection. Even more, these artworks cannot be recreated; not even the artist himself could replicate the product. Only the process. 

For every iteration, the 1000th output was saved regardless of production. 

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT Collection Harvesting

The collection will be harvested throughout its life lifecycle like farmers tend to their lots. With the same machine learning instance, the artist and machine will produce batches or harvest images. Each harvest, like any harvest, will contain an undetermined amount. 

Why? Because like any yield, it’s never promised. When it’s harvest time, I will bring those items to market.

Harvest 1

Available now on SolSea. Only 20 NFTs were brought to market.

Take a look ->

Harvest 1, 20 NFTs Available on SolSea. 1 $SOL ea.

Harvest 2

Available on SolSea only when Harvest 2 sells out.

Harvest 2, 13 NFTs available on SolSea when Harvest 1 sells out. 1 $SOL ea.

Harvest 3

Available on SolSea only when Harvest 2 sells out.

Harvest 3, 17 NFTs available on SolSea when Harvest 2 sells out. 1 $SOL ea.

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT Collection Roadmap

This project will be completed when we’ve reached the max supply of 1000k NFTs in circulation. New products will not be listed until the last harvest sells out from the previous crop.

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT Collection Availability

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT collection is available on the Solana blockchain. They will only be available in limited runs at limited times. Pricing is currently set to 1 $SOL each and will remain at that price for primary markets. All artworks will be listed and sold directly by the artist. 😉.

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT Collection Utility

As a bonus holding any VQGAN_CLIP-1000 generative NFT artwork grants access and exclusive rights to MMG, an elite mastermind group. Please note that rights do not grant entry. The mind does. MMG is for thinkers, creators, doers, and believers of New Thought. 

HODLers will receive preferential treatment and remain highly informed on new releases and upcoming works. There will be many opportunities to transcend mediums and expand OUR collective consciousness. 

HURRY! Act now. Supplies are limited and my Dad doesn’t believe in me because he says I’m not gonna make the monies. 😞.

Hurry. Get VQCAN_CLIP-1000 before they’re gone!

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