Product Design Expert, Strategic Innovator, Cross-Functional Collaborator

Seasoned UX/UI Designer with over a decade of experience crafting intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for B2B platforms. Proven track record in leading cross-functional teams, driving product innovation, and delivering user-centric designs that align with business goals. 

dane wesolko lead product designer

“Taking things apart lays bare their secrets, piece by piece. In the scattered components lies the true joy of a builder, for it’s in understanding each element that we master the art of creation.”

My Approach & Philosophy

From a spark of entrepreneurial spirit to a trailblazing force in product design, my career is a tapestry of innovation and user-focused solutions. With over a decade of experience, I’ve pioneered design across diverse industries, transforming the B2B and B2C landscapes. Along this journey, I’ve led dynamic teams, turned bold ideas into reality, and received recognition and an award for design excellence.

At the heart of my philosophy lies a commitment to user-centric design—a fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and simplicity. I believe that understanding the user is the key to transcendent design. This philosophy is not just about creating visually stunning interfaces; it’s about crafting experiences that are intuitive, accessible, and empowering. 

Services & Core Competencies

Idea Realization & Lean UX

Specializing in transforming visions into tangible assets, I partner with entrepreneurs, executives, and decision-makers to breathe life into ideas. Embracing the Lean UX methodology, I advocate for a cyclical process of learning, building, measuring, and iterating to create products that truly resonate with users.

  • Guided brainstorming sessions to refine and shape ideas.
  • Lean UX workshops for cross-functional teams.
  • Strategy development for efficient product evolution.
dane wesolko partners with decision makers to bring ideas to life

Rapid Prototyping & MVP Development

I excel at rapid prototyping, creating high-fidelity models that bring concepts closer to reality. By developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), I help stakeholders visualize the end product, ensuring a solid foundation for future development and investment.

  • Quick turnaround from concept to interactive prototypes.
  • MVP strategy and execution to test market viability.
  • Feedback incorporation to refine product features.
dane wesolko lead product designer is known for rapid prototyping

Comprehensive Design Solutions

With a deep understanding of wireframing, information architecture, and interaction design, I deliver comprehensive UX/UI solutions. From initial user research to polished user interfaces, every step is crafted with the end-user in mind, ensuring an intuitive and engaging product experience.

  • Information architecture that structures content for optimal user flow.
  • Engaging interaction designs that simplify user tasks.
  • Elegant user interfaces that blend form and function.
dane wesolko lead product designer wire frames ideas quickly

User-Centric Research & Strategy

The foundation of great design lies in understanding the user. My approach involves thorough user research to inform design strategy, creating experiences that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

  • Targeted user research to uncover insights and inform design decisions.
  • User persona development to guide design strategy.
  • Usability testing to ensure product effectiveness and user satisfaction
dane wesolko lead product designer focuses on user centric approaches and gathers research to ensure designs align

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How can Cision/PR Newswire enhance its products by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning?

dane wesolko lead product designer data analytics software interface iqvia

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How can we provide users with access to European real-world evidence and expand a company’s product portfolio?

dane wesolko lead product designer b2b ecommerce interface gatorade pepsico

Keeping athletes hydrated on and off the field

How can we keep athletes hydrated while shipping more orders, removing complexities, increasing operating efficiency and opening up revenue streams for Gatorade?

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Helping patients get the medicine they need

How can we help sales representatives more effectively close cases, help physicians write scripts and provide patients with the medicine they require?