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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

NFTs aka non-fungible tokens are containers holding, digitized, tokenized, and accessible art for the modern era. Are the a new phenomenon? Or an idea that’s existed for time, trickling into the minds as Web3 bestows upon us and service-based economies take hold. Prepare for the dawning of a new technological era.

NFT Guide for Beginners.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are tokens that store unique sets of data which are accounted for in a digital ledger or the blockchain. The tokens contain certified proof of ownership for whatever they hold. Like a deed. What’s cool about NFTs are the limitless possibilities. From luxury retail to sports and beyond.

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History of NFTs

NFTs have been around for a long time. We just haven’t understood. A long way from crypto trading cards and monetized graphics. Take a look at their history.

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What are NFTs

NFTs are something that is not as easily exchangeable. A mutually identical item can’t be easily replaced because it’s typically something unique.

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Types of NFTs

NFTs or non-fungible tokens come in various shapes and sizes. The different types of NFTs range in use cases and are only just beginning to take form.

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NFT Use Cases

Known primarily for their association to art, believe it or not, there are several adaptations, and innovative NFT use cases emerging.

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NFT Ecosystem

The NFT ecosystem is consistently growing and will evolve as more people recognize the use cases underlying technology can drive industries forward.

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NFT Beginners Guide

The ultimate collection of information, NFT guide for beginners is a 101 styled approach covering mostly everything you need to know.

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My NFT art on the blockchain

After learning about NFTs in 2020 I waited an entire year before I jumped on into the pool and created my very first tokenized artwork in September of 2021. Now after many months. Quite a few bumps and bruises I have amassed quite an array.

My artwork is organized by network and marketplace. Take a peak below for more detailed information about the collections and artwork.

Foundation Marketplace

Artwork on Foundation is available through the Ethereum main network. Any artwork found here will be unique 1 of 1 renderings. Each piece will be inspired by my beliefs and ways of thinking. Many of the topics and subject matters to be found in this portfolio of works will pertain to alternative ways of thinking and thought.

nfts dont just have to be static images they can have video too.
angelica_tutela – Angelic protection. My genesis mint on Foundation combines motion, sound, and graphic design.

ααα angelica_tutela ααα

One man, many machines. Mixed-media digital art.

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SolSea Marketplace

The Solana network is a new network for me and I’ve begun to explore the possibilities there. I’ve currently reserved SolSea as a place where more curated collections can be found. Expect to see series of generative art collections to pop up.

an example of an NFTs from a generative art collection
The first output from VQGAN_CLIP-1000 a generative art series created from one seed phrase bred with genetic mutations.

Grown from a single seed phrase. Bred with genetic mutations. VQGAN_CLIP-1000 NFT Collection. A limited-edition generative art series.

vqgan_clip-1000 nfts collection combines man and machine
Harvest 1 of 3.

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OpenSea Marketplace

OpenSea was the first marketplace I interacted with and where I minted my first NFTs. It has also been a place that has housed my early NFT collections that were used for teaching purposes. Any of the artwork on OpenSea or the Polygon network will be more free flowing and carefree in a graphic style. It will be a place for continued experimentation and exploration of crypto art.

Warskullz_Reboot NFTs Collection created from a single image and compiled to 666 unique variations.
Warskullz_Reboot #255 part of a generative art NFT collection used to learn how to create smart contracts and mint to the Polygon network.

Warskullz_Reboot is a generative art collection of 666 unique compositions. A true exploration in NFT creation from start to finish.

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