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NFT Consulting

Interested in working on an NFT project but don’t know where to begin? Not a problem. NFT consulting might be for you, and I can help.

I am calling all Musicians, Deejays, Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Models, Actors, Athletes, Influencers, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Creators, and even E-girls. 

Do you have an idea for a project? Passionate about a social cause? Let’s work together to make a change and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

NFT 101.

NFTs are taking the world by storm. News outlets and headlines are screaming at the top of their lungs about this modern-day marvel that’s existed longer than we thought. 

Don’t miss out on this wave. Time to paddle out, get ready for the next set. See how NFT consulting can help you with your next project or endeavor.

Understanding NFTs

Awareness of NFTs or non-fungible tokens has increased due to extravagant sales and catchy headlines. Surprisingly they’ve been around for a long time. We’re just now starting to understand what they are and the underlying technology behind them. 

Originally known as a “monetized graphics” system, modern-day applications are changing the world.

Understanding blockchain technology and NFTs can be tricky. There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo and nerdy shit involved. Terms like wallets, smart contracts, minting, and utility confuse this crazy space. The user experience is a mess and requires a fair bit of technical know-how to navigate.

Have no fear. That’s where I come in. Let me help you make sense out of nonsense. While the industry might seem scary, it’s relatively simple.

Think of an NFT as a box. That box can hold anything inside of it. In this example, my heart. There’s only one of them. If I gave you my heart, I’d be transferring ownership of it. In return, you might give me yours. Both are equally valuable yet individually their own. In making this exchange, we let everyone know that you own my heart, and I own yours. 

An identical replica can replace something fungible. Whereas something that is non-fungible cannot. 

The previous example shows our hearts being non-fungible items. We can trade them with one another for equal or greater value, but there is no love like our own. 

Simply put, NFTs are tokens that store unique sets of data. 

The tokens are certified proof of ownership, like a deed stored in your wallet. A wallet holds your items and allows you to use them wherever accepted. These tokens can take the shape of art or something else. 

NFTs have limitless possibilities.

NFT Use Cases

Ok, what can you do with NFTs then? 

As stated, they’re simply containers that hold data. The earliest mentions of NFTs were focused on art and centered around a collectible trading card game but shortly evolved to more practical uses. 

Today, we realize far more possibilities as this new technology slowly takes shape. Recent and prominent use cases are found in gaming, enterprise corporations, and venture capital. 

In 2021 enterprise corporations used NFTs to create unique digital assets. They’ve helped real estate with sales and fraud, created an open market for intellectual property and licensing agreements, revolutionized events, event ticketing, and much more.

NFT Consulting

In a world where anything is possible endless options can lead to unlimited possibilities causing analysis paralysis. Becoming a blocker in the creative process trying to understand can interrupt energy flow, preventing ideas from even being born. 

NFT consulting can help fix that. 

By working with someone who has taken the time to understand the space, you’ll be empowered to quickly and efficiently act upon your ideas and get to market faster than your competition.

Successful NFT projects consist of many elements. Much like a product going to market, they need the appropriate attention and care. 

In theory, creating an NFT or collection is as easy as I’ve outlined in a few of my articles. Create something and upload it to a marketplace. 

To stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to be unique. You’ll want to know your target market, what your market wants and how and where to reach that market. You’ll also want to give your customers something more than just the ownership of a piece of digital art. 

Not to mention you’ll require a whole slew of things like a website, social media graphics, outreach, and more. NFT consulting can alleviate the pain points associated with getting a project up and running. 

Why work with me?

First and foremost, great question. Why work with me? Who am I, and why do I feel I know enough to venture into NFT consulting?

Like many, I found this world new, exciting, full of adventure, and endless possibilities. In that aspect, I began my exploration of NFTs after ignoring them for a year. That’s right. I didn’t listen to a friend’s advice. No harm, no foul. I just wasn’t ready.

Fast forward to today, and I’m all in. I’ve aped hard. I left a six-figure corporate job after years as a professional designer. I found myself wanting more. Not financially, but more for the world. I found myself at an intersection, looking for an opportunity to make a lasting change. 

Why work with me? Easy peasy: 

  • I’m a passionate technologist
  • I understand the spaces, and it’s possibilities
  • I’ve written many highly viewed articles on creating NFTs
  • I’ve shared tirelessly to empower others
  • I’ve helped consult other projects
  • Worked to plan, build and nurture a community and event
  • Highly engaged in online conversations
  • I have grown my small active following
  • I’ve experimented with a whole gamut of approaches
  • Created my experimental genesis works
  • Have over 15 years of professional experience in art and design
  • Trained in many artistic mediums spanning visual and auditory arts
  • Knows what it takes to create a successful project
  • Has a clear vision of the future and the possibilities
  • Am as pumped as you are

Creating is my jam. I’ve been an artist, designer, maker, builder, breaker, and optimist my whole life. My entirety is centered around the arts and intellect.

What to expect?

All projects are bespoke and should be treated that way. Therefore I will approach any task or NFT consulting agreement in the same manner I would approach a new product or feature. By learning as much as I can early on. By building ideas and concepts quickly. By seeking feedback and measuring solutions. While carefully iterating towards the final vision. 

By learning as much as I can, I will walk away with an understanding of your project’s primary goals and objectives. From there, I can build a solid knowledge around you, your organization, its mission, and anything else necessary. That understanding will be coupled with understanding the market, your target demographic, and their needs. 

Output from these efforts will be applied and aligned to developing prototypes and concepts before building production processes and creating the necessary deliverables.

What am I looking for?

In making it known that I wish to go into NFT consulting and aid in creating projects built around this technology, I am looking for specific things. First and foremost, I am looking for people aligned with my beliefs and visions of unlocking the power and potential in humanity. 

You are someone who is no stranger to the teachings of thought training. You seek to have an impact on yourself and others. 

Second, I am looking for those who wish to align with a cause and can make a dent, so I am targeting Musicians, Deejays, Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Models, Actors, Athletes, and Influencers, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Creators, and even E-girls. You have the reach that can make an impact. Together we have the power to drive that impact forward.

Third, I’m looking for genuinely curious people about the advancement of this space. Your project does not have to be centered around art. NFTs are products built around technology that technology can apply in many ways. Maybe you have an idea for a software platform, enterprise use case, or social app. 

Whatever it may be, we can figure it out together. As someone offering my services as in NFT consulting, I’ll be able to help you find the resources you need to make your dream come to reality.