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My NFTs are an explorations in feelings, emotions, ideas, and curiosities encapsulated in experience. With each of my collections I chose a topic and explore ideas around them. Whether it be for the purpose of general learning or wandering through the sands of time. All of my work will be in limited runs and never reproduced.

vqgan-clip-1000 is a generative art NFTs collection using man and machine.

VQGAN_CLIP-1000 Generative Art NFT Collection

A limited-edition generative art series. Grown from a single seed phrase. Bred with genetic mutations.

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warskullz_rebooted nft collection by dane wesolko

Warskullz_Reboot NFT Collection

A generative art collection of 666 unique compositions.

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warskullz v1 nft collection by dane wesolko

Warskullz V1 Digital Art PFP NFT Collection

Deprecated – Warskullz is an experimental PFP project that went wrong.

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under the rose nft collection by dane wesolko

Under The Rose Digital Art NFT Collection

2nd NFT collection

Messages conveyed without words in confidentiality.

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rosa alba nft collection by dane wesolko

Rosa Alba Digital Art NFT Collection

A symbol of purity and innocence favorited by many ancient cultures.

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flavo diaboli nft collection by dane wesolko

Flavo Diaboli Generative Art NFT Collection

The yellow rose, a symbol of friendship, happiness and reconnection.

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passio nft collection by dane wesolko

Passio Generative Art NFT Collection

Passio latin for passion meaning suffering, enduring.

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