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Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results.

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Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results.

 Author: Larry Kendall  Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press  ISBN: 1626342849  Pages: 344  Dimension: 6.4 x 1.5 x 9.1 inches  Buy Now

In the book Ninja Selling, author Larry Kendall presents a revolutionary new approach to salesmanship that has transformed the lives and businesses of countless individuals. The traditional methods of salesmanship, Kendall argues, are outdated and ineffective. They focus on convincing clients to buy a product or service rather than solving their problems and meeting their needs. The Ninja Selling system, on the other hand, is all about asking the right questions, understanding clients’ needs and desires, and building relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

The flaws in traditional salesmanship are numerous. One of the key problems is that it treats clients as transactions rather than people. It is focused on the salesperson’s goals rather than the clients’ needs. In addition, traditional sales methods often rely on manipulation, coercion, and pressure to make a sale. This creates a negative experience for clients, which ultimately harms the salesperson’s reputation and business.

The Ninja Selling system is designed to overcome these problems by shifting the focus from selling to solving. This involves building relationships based on trust, understanding clients’ needs, and offering solutions that genuinely meet those needs. The system is based on a deep understanding of human psychology, which allows salespeople to connect with clients on a deeper level.

At the core of the Ninja Selling system are a set of key principles that guide the salesperson’s interactions with clients. These principles include listening to clients, asking the right questions, understanding their needs, and providing value. By following these principles, salespeople can build strong relationships with clients that lead to repeat business and referrals.

The Ninja Selling system is grounded in science, which means that it is based on research and data rather than intuition or guesswork. The psychology behind the system is well-documented and supported by scientific research. This makes it a reliable and effective system that can be applied to any sales situation.

The step-by-step process of the Ninja Selling system is easy to follow and can be implemented by anyone in sales. The system involves a series of questions that guide the salesperson’s interactions with clients, as well as techniques for building rapport and establishing trust. Real-life examples of successful implementation of the system demonstrate how effective it can be in practice.

The impact of the Ninja Selling system on individuals and businesses has been profound. Salespeople who have adopted the system have seen dramatic improvements in their business and client relationships. They have been able to increase their income levels per hour without sacrificing quality of life. The system has also had a positive impact on their personal lives, allowing them to lead more fulfilling and balanced existences.

In conclusion, “Ninja Selling” by Larry Kendall offers a fresh and innovative approach to sales that emphasizes building strong relationships with clients and solving their problems rather than simply making a sale. By asking the right questions and focusing on the needs and desires of the client, readers can build trust and credibility, leading to more successful and fulfilling business relationships. The book’s step-by-step process is easy to follow, and its principles can be applied by anyone regardless of personality type. By adopting the “Ninja Selling” system, readers can not only improve their businesses but also enjoy richer and more satisfying personal lives. Overall, “Ninja Selling” is a valuable resource for anyone looking to take their sales skills to the next level and achieve lasting success in their career.