Highly passionate design visionary with over 10 years professional experience and a strong background in product design and visual communication. Helping individuals and businesses bring their visions to life.

Having often been trusted as the first designer or brought on to create change and make lasting improvements.

Afforded many opportunities to work with amazing companies and gain exposure to a plethora of new and exciting ideas.

Comfortable interacting with executives and directors of all levels in businesses ranging from small startups to a multi-million dollar publishing house.

Possesses a solid understanding of how business works and how design decisions can impact the customer's experience.

Fostered talents for art and design at an early age due to a childhood illness and influences from creative relatives such as Anthony Lampasso, a graphic designer working with Paul Rand in the 50's and 60's.

Furthered exposure to design throughout various levels of schooling. Was a key role in the devlopment of both school newspapers in middle and high school.

Completed The Academy of Digital Design at Saint Lucie West Centennial High School prior to earning a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Graduated top of class with best portfolio nomination.

Began professional career immediately after completing college for local startup. Played an integral role in the early stages of growth.

Continuned career assisting companies as a creative resource and gained exposure to Financial Services and Investments, Publishing and Media, SmartTV Application Development, and Financial Software Development.

Concurrently to professional career built or assisted in the development of several entreprenuerial projects such as a freelance graphic and website design studio, private label apparel brand, health and fitness online business, and a marketing and website design agency.

Consistently pushing for growth and improvement. Constantly learning and applying newly gained knowledge. Always thirsty for more.

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