Dane Wesolko

Designer @Spreedly. UX, UI, Websites, Web apps, HTML, SCSS and more. All the things.😎

In the past I've briefly worked with smart tv apps at Float Left, started a WordPress website design company with a good friend called Cookie, was the Art Director for Counselor magazine, worked on design for Renew magazine, created book covers and such at HCI Books, developed a fitness blog called Barbell Academy, helped make investment material cool at The WSR Group, freelanced for a while, started an apparel line, and began as a designer at a licensed sports gift manufacturer.

You can check out some of the stuff I write on Medium, my professional profile on LinkedIn, my contributions and code on Github, some of my latest works-in-progress on Dribbble, or some of my older work on Behance.

If you ever want to say hello or get in touch feel free to send me an email.